A Full and Grateful Heart

A Full and Grateful Heart

Last weekend, my family stayed in a cabin in the mountains of Santa Rosa, just outside the Wine Country of Northern California. Wi-fi and cell phone service were non-existent in the camp grounds. It was a refreshing change from our fast pace of life. I walked slower and smiled more. The air was definitely fresher and the leaves greener in Santa Rosa.

After a fun day of hiking, singing and spending time with family and friends, we were all looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Because we travel with our Cozycloud Deluxe Pillows, it made our cold and hard cabin accomodations seem like a 5-star hotel.

As we lay on our CozyCloud Deluxe Pillows and underneath our -70C sleeping bags, I closed my eyes and counted my blessings. I thanked the Almighty for the fortitude to face the challenges of life, for the love of my family and friends, and the good night sleep that I was afforded at the end of a long day.

Happiness is just right around the corner with a Cozycloud Deluxe Pillow. Or rather when I wake up the next day!


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