What is the Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep?

What is the Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep?

Ever since owning a CozyCloud Deluxe Pillow, I have been an advocate of making sure everyone in my family gets a restful good night sleep. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, sleep is essential in helping to repair and rejuvenate our minds and body. In a research study, animals deprived entirely of sleep lose all immune functions to fight diseases and die in a matter of weeks.

Benefits of Sleep

In humans, sleep plays a critical role in proper functioning of body systems. Sleep helps in proper brain function, hormone release that sometimes only occur when one sleeps, tissue repair, muscle growth and protein synthesis. Babies and kids get a lot of sleep, but so do adults. Sometimes we mask the lack of sleep by drinking coffee all throughout the day, but caffeine isn’t all that healthy. In terms of healing and making sure our immune function is able to fight disease, getting enough sleep is paramount.

Getting enough sleep also improves learning and memory. Kids who get a good night sleep do better in school. Adults do better at work as well when we are alert and able to give a stellar performance at our jobs. It may equate to getting a promotion or landing a new client because we are engaging, quick and on the ball. There is definitely a correlation with income to getting a good night’s sleep.

The Lack of Sleep

Insufficient sleep on the other hand is thought to be linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a slew of other chronic diseases, according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard. The lack of quality sleep can also affect performance in school and work. When factoring in that some of us perform critical tasks such as those in the public safety sector or those working in the medical field who perform life-saving tasks every day, the lack of sleep for these individuals can be dangerous. Even a simple task such as driving can be dangerous for everyone on the road if one does not get a good night sleep.

As you can see the true cost of not having a restful sleep is staggering! The loss of potential income, the cost of medical care for chronic disease and the safety hazards is simply astronomical. It is very important for everyone to have a good night’s rest.

So if you want to think about what the lack of a restful sleep is costing you, factor everything in and you will realize that a CozyCloud Deluxe Pillow may just be a very cheap alternative to not having a restful night sleep.

For more information regarding the benefits of sleep, visit the Division of Sleep Medicine at the Harvard Medical School.

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