• Shredded style memory foam pillow that never goes flat.
  • Heat dissipating properties that keeps the pillow cool all night.
  • Chiropractor recommended for proper neck support and spinal alignment.
  • Self-Adapting technology makes it perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers alike.
  • Soft, durable & hypoallergenic: dust mite resistant & fully machine washable.
  • All components and materials 100% made-in-the-USA in California.
  • Uses eco-friendly CertiPUR-US® certified shredded memory foam
  • GreenGuard® Gold Certified for low VOC emissions
  • Safe for toddlers, children, adults and seniors.
  • Available in Standard/Queen size and King size.
  • 10-year warranty, NO HASSLE 100-night return policy.


Here’s just one of the many amazing Amazon shopper reviews.

5 out of 5 stars Pillows are Amazing!

By Lisa on October 24, 2016
Size: Queen Size – Firmer

These shredded foam pillows really do set the bar for comfort. I’ve tried several high end and low end pillows and nothing compares to these, period. Somehow they found the perfect blend of firmer and softer for filling, and the cover is just the right balance of soft and sleek PLUS there’s good airflow so your head doesn’t get hot and sweaty.

Originally I bought the “softer” pillow and found that I wanted a little more support. So I went ahead and purchased the “firmer” pillow to see the difference. My dad actually hijacked my softer pillow (he’s a side sleeper) and he loves it. He said he had one of the best night’s sleeps in a long time AND…he didn’t wake up with a sore neck for once! I finally got him to throw out his super old flat pillow too…bonus! So I ended up keeping both pillows and looks like I’ll be picking up a couple more here soon.

The pillows came rolled and packaged air tight. They were very thin/flat at first, but take just a few minutes to pop back into full shape. They arrived very quickly – just two days. Definitely worth trying out these pillows – especially with their great support and guarantees. Read more reviews.


Shaped like a traditional down pillow, but stuffed with hundreds of very small pieces of a plush composition – all made in the USA Foam fill and fiber blend, the CozyCloud™ Deluxe combination bamboo memory foam pillow is quite simply the most comfortable pillow you will ever own! This cloud-like pillow will cradle your body in only the way that high quality and high density shredded foam can, for a down-like comfort that won’t flatten out. The CozyCloud pillow doesn’t need to be continually fluffed, and will offer you extra cervical support with its superior contouring abilities. With an affordable price under $100, CozyCloud can’t be beat. Those who need more neck support will notice the difference that the contouring ability makes on the quality of their sleep.The composition also makes it a great choice for allergy sufferers who need a down alternative pillow.

Although the pillow has a universal comfort that adapts to the shape of your body, only the NEW CozyCloud Deluce Adjustable pillow offers you a choice of Firmer or Softer support. Simply unzip the easily removable cover and remove the thinner insert to turn your firm pillow into a thinner, sleeker profile. With both the Original and Deluxe versions, you can gather the fill and increase the thickness for side sleepers or back sleepers who need more loft. These options are perfect chiropractic enhancements for helping keeping their neck in proper alignment and spinal support

The firmer profile offers more buoyancy to keep your head from sinking in as much. This can be ideal for side sleepers, multi position sleepers or back sleepers who still want cozy comfort, but need firmer overall head and neck support. Stomach Sleepers, as well as certain back and side sleepers who do better with their head at a lower angle, will love the extra contouring and cradling comfort that the thinner profile provides, so you get the best of both worlds. The CozyCloud pillow is fully machine washable thanks to its Air-Vent™ bamboo breathable cover matrix, making it the most versatile, cool and cozy pillow available. We have made this RISK FREE with our 10-year warranty and 100-night, no hassle return and no cost exchange policy.

Don’t accept cheap fillers or overseas made substitutes…order the CozyCloud™ pillow today!


An affordable, down alternative that conforms perfectly to your shape for a custom fit every time.
- Conforms To Your Neck
While the CozyCloud™ conforms to your neck and head for proper orthopedic support, the fluffy, yet resilient and light fill used in our pillows will adjust to each position you sleep in, making it perfect for stomach, back and side sleepers alike! Better alignment while you sleep can also help reduce snoring and offer the spine support you need to avoid neck, lower back, upper back, and shoulder pain.
- Air-Vent™ Bamboo Cover
Helping to prevent your head and neck from heating up, our soft and Luxurious Air-Vent™ Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover, along with our soft and fluffy interlocking foam pieces, offer an unprecedented breathability that allows air to circulate through the pillow and helps you stay cool all night long! Our cover is manufactured in the U.S.A. using 40% bamboo fibers and 60% Polyester.
- 100-Day Money Back Guarantee
You can sleep well knowing that you have a full 100 days from the time you receive the pillow to test and ensure that it is right pillow for you. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can either exchange the pillow and we will pay all expenses, including the round trip shipping costs, or you can simply return the pillow completely hassle-free, so you never have to settle.
- Instantly Adjustable Support
Although this specialty pillow has a universal comfort that adapts to the shape of your body, only the NEW CozyCloud Deluxe Adjustable Pillow offers you instant adjustability so you can customize the level of firmness to your liking in seconds.
- Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
CertiPUR-US certification ensures foams are meeting current safety standards and are free of toxins found in a wide array of products like couches and carpets. Our pillows are free from formaldehyde, which in 2011 has been described as a cancer-causing agent by the US National Toxicology Program. With the CertiPUR-US certification, you can also be assured that our luxury pillows are free from phthalates and ozone depleters, mercury, lead and other heavy metals.
- Proudly 100% USA Made
Our products are 100% made in the USA and manufactured in Southern California. CozyCloud™ pillows were tested and designed by a chiropractor and a research scientist and recommended for proper neck support and spinal alignment.


Our specialty pillows are made in the USA using all USA made materials and the quality is of the highest caliber available. This allows us to give a much stronger 10-year warranty over the competition. We use bedding grade foam and a thicker bamboo covering also that gives the pillow a more luxurious feel. We use Certipur-US certified foam to ensure that the foam has a low V.O.C. product made without PBDEs, Formaldehyde and ozone depleters. Lastly, we came up with a proprietary way to make two comfortable and cozy pillows with two different firmness/support levels, and, in our Deluxe model, the ability to adjust from firmer to softer and vice versa as you please.


All of our pillows are made using premium shredded memory foam fill spun with hypoallergenic down-alternative fiber to contour to the bumps and curves of your body and provide superior comfort and support. However, we offer our Deluxe Adjustable model for those who want a slightly firmer or softer support to their pillow.
Backed By The Industry’s Best Guarantee
We Have Made This RISK FREE with Our 10-Year Warranty and 100-night, Hassle-Free Return Policy.